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Madawaska Valley Studio Tour

Summer Tour: Saturday July 20 and Sunday July 21
Fall Tour: Saturday October 5 and Sunday October 6

Exhibition at Madawska Coffee

July 23 to Sept 2
19578 Opeongo Line, Barry’s Bay, Ont

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Joyce Burkholder, Canadian Wilderness Artist, Algonquin Park, Painting Workshop Instructor, Wilno, Ontario

NOTE: Joyce’s workshops are on hold for now.

Painting Workshops with Canadian wilderness artist Joyce Burkholder

Joyce’s Adventure Painting Workshops take place in beautiful rural and wilderness settings near Wilno, Ontario.

They are designed for all levels of experience so everyone works at their own pace. With lots of demonstrating and encouragement, she skillfully guides each student from the beginning to the end of the painting process with many examples to follow, or some choose to do their own compositions using the techniques she teaches. Joyce encourages painting outdoors in nature and as well there is a large comfortable studio space provided for painting indoors…either way, it is always fun, educational and an adventure!

Rave reviews of Joyce’s workshops!

“Thank you so much for a fabulous day Joyce! I am still smiling about the day. It was perfect! The weather was amazing, the location was ideal and the company was fantastic and inspiring! I learned so much and feel a little more confident to try experimenting with watercolour on my own. I look forward to the next workshop with you!”

“Your encouragement and personalized coaching helped me to get over my fear and to also break through a personal painting barrier. I knew that there was always something that was missing in my paintings… that spark, that light… but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. You helped me find it and finally move forward to achieve more life in my painting. I still need a lot of practice!! But, I’m excited to do that now! And of course, I would love to come to another class!”

“Joyce—I really enjoyed your class, learned a lot and I’m eager to keep going. Thanks for your patience and guidance. It was great to meet everyone and a fun (and delicious) weekend!”

“Hi Joyce—just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday. The setting was so perfect and you made us feel so much at home. I love how you teach – lots of encouragement and reassurance, great techniques that make beginners feel very accomplished, very clear directions and exercises – the workshop was paced beautifully and I am very proud of my first attempts with watercolour!”

“I wanted to say thank you, again, for the past two wonderful Sunday workshops. There are so many things I appreciated about those days spent at your cottage, not the least of which was the inspiration you gave me.”

“When I moved to the Valley, my vision was to reignite the creative spark in me that has been neglected for so long. My first year of settling in felt chaotic and I didn’t make the time to put paintbrush or pencil to paper. But after these past two weekends, learning from and being inspired by you, I now want to commit to making creative time a priority for myself.”

“Thank you again for such a wonderful workshop. I learned a lot and am so grateful for all your gentle and encouraging help. I’m a learner who always has lots of doubts and questions – thanks for being there.”

“Thank you! You always inspire me to keep painting. You are a fabulous painter and a fantastic teacher. You imparted so much information in such a short time. I am at the cottage now, and you were right, I am looking at shadows, reflections, and branches in a completely different way. You gave us so much inspiration.”

“OMG Joyce!!! Where to begin? You’re workshop was EVERYTHING and more than I ever could have imagined!!! THANK YOU for sharing all of your talent, your skills and your passion!!! The list goes on!”

“LOVED IT. You are the best teacher!!! When you do it again let me know. I’m not going to be a painter at this juncture but never know down the road. I learned so much. Inspirational! You made my painting grandma proud up there in heaven.”

“I so enjoyed your willingness to share your talent, inspiration and words of wisdom in the workshop on Thursday. Your passion for “pushing paint” came through and each and every one of us, I believe, left with more confidence, new visions, and skills to bring to our canvases.”

“I’m loving your book and equally, am amazed by your extraordinary journey in composing your life and doing it on your terms. You are a true inspiration of vision and grit! You certainly own your many successes as a determined, brave, trail blazer; (entrepreneur, partner, artist, home designer and builder, mother…..)”

“You know, I really admire you. Have been to many different kind of workshops and even worked in teacher training for a while during my career. All that to say you are a terrific teacher. You are an excellent artist, a wonderful and dynamic person and an exceptional teacher.”

“I have already been made an offer to purchase my first effort. She liked the orange outline!”

“Thank YOU Joyce for such a great day. I always come away from your workshops with so many simple, strong and important lessons that stick! I’ve already framed and hung two of my three paintings….the third one I plan to try again ;)”

“Thank you so much for sharing your time and wisdom.”

“Thank you for the note Joyce… and an exceptional day of learning and comraderie.”

“Very much looking forward to next Sunday. Always be learning!”

“I have started a new painting today… motivated by your workshop.”

“Thanks Joyce. It was a great workshop and the setting was lovely. I enjoyed learning the technical aspects of painting. I certainly have a totally new appreciation for the art.”

“Thanks Joyce, what a great day it was. Thank you once again for your patience, praise and generosity. Your classes are always so rewarding and I learn so much from you.”

“Thank you Joyce for sending the group photo. It will help me remember a thoroughly enjoyable day at a wonderful location. It was truly memorable and is even more special since you may not be doing workshops at your cottage location in the future.”

“I came home with three unfinished paintings but it doesn’t matter because I learned so much and enjoyed being made to work quickly. Completing these paintings at home will prolong the experience. I enjoyed the group and your teaching was excellent. Thank you.”

“Thank you Joyce for the photo as well as a lovely day full of art experiences.”

“A truly enjoyable adventure! What a wonderful setting.”

“Couldn’t ask for better!”

“Thanks so much for a wonderful day. Great to meet new painting buddies. It was also nice to meet you Joyce. You have a little bit of heaven in the wilderness and so nice you shared it with us.”

“Hey my painting is amazing — from a very great distance! You have encouraged me to no ends Joyce to venture out and try more art classes! I had an amazing day with you and the ladies I met.”

“Congratulations, again, on those incredible pieces of art, everyone—Soooo impressive! Thank you, Joyce, for your marvellous instruction and for allowing my dog Nimbus to attend.”

“Thank you, Joyce and all of you wonderful friends I met during the workshop. It was such an amazing weekend. Thank you all for being so warm and welcoming to this guy from New York City!