Commission a painting by Joyce Burkholder of your home, cottage or special place — or a beloved pet or animal.

Commissions vary in price depending on the size and medium. I work in oils, acrylics, watercolours or pastels and art may be framed or unframed. I can work from your photos or take my own. As the work is in progress, I email you photos for comments and feedback.


The commission above, approx. 4’ x 8’, is of a very specific pine tree and view from a home on Round Lake, Ontario. All of the subtle colours were carefully chosen to harmonize with the décor.

The commission below, approx. 3’ x 6’, is of a sunset, from the west-facing deck of a cottage looking through tall pines on Wadsworth Lake, Ontario.

Both paintings were done on custom-made, heavy-duty canvases and made-to-measure for the space they occupy. Many on-site photos were taken, consultations and conversations were had and preliminary drawings done before the painting began. During and after the painting process, photos of the paintings were emailed and changes, such as colour adjustments, were made.

Large or small, a commissioned painting captures a very meaningful time and place. It is something special that can be passed on through generations as an important memory of those who wanted it preserved, lovingly in paint.